Mama Elephant Photo Inspiration Challenge

Hey Everyone thanks for stopping by, sorry that its been awhile since I’ve blogged anything!!

Since my husband and I got back from New York things have been a bit busy. We started training for the 5km race that happened on April 13th. I’m happy to say i finished the race alive and I faster then I expected.  I am now currently training for the Triathlon that is happening April 27th! I know CRAZY right? and then after the Triathlon… the 10km race in September. I never had fitness goals before, and I am starting to like them now that I have a reason to exercise.

Here is us before the race! (AND IT WAS COLD!)


5k race 2

Our first 5k race!

Here is us after the race!

5k race

We did it!!

Also, here are a few pictures of my past  adventure in New york

We traveled to New York in March to visit a beautiful city. While I was there I ended up taking a workshop that was put on my Mama Elephant and Kelly Purkey. People that I was half crazy flying half way across the world to take a ‘card class’ that was only one day. Nevertheless I was determined to meet these wonderful ladies. I was so blown away with how talented, knowledgeable, and amazing Kryssi, Angela and Kelly where. It was a blast, and and top of that I got to meet some amazing ladies that were there too!


When we got to our table, there was this cute little bag with our names on it, there were so many fun goodies in it! P1000652

Kelly Purkey also gave us some fun toys to play with during her workshop! Love her Mon Ami paper pad collection!



Kryssi didn’t really like having her picture taken up close… kept trying to ‘shoo’ the camera back


Got a picture with Kryssi and Angela, they decided to match outfits that day! (That’s what they were telling everyone at least 😛 ) P1000656

Me and Kelly, she is so nice, pretty and funny! P1000658

I also hit up the Ink Pad in New York, loved their store. These two were so helpful and nice! I would have spent the whole day in there, and all my money!


Overall an amazing trip.

So the moment you have all been waiting for. The Mama Elephant photo inspiration challenge. Check out their challenge HERE

Here is the photo that we have to use for inspiration for our cards


When I look at this photo I think of three things. 1. beach 2. colour combination and 3. lost and found.

So here is the first card that I’ve made using the colour combination.

ME feather card


I used Mama Elephants Fair Feathers stamp set and their ink pads (Ocean and Winter)

I’ve been busy creating at my desk and can’t wait to show you another card I made!

Thank you and see you soon!




  1. Such a pretty card, Tina! I love how you created movement with the feathers, and the colors are so soft and lovely!
    Thanks for sharing photos of your visit and class with all those amazing girls, too…Looks like you had a great time!!!

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