Baby Shower

Hi Everyone,

Quick blog post today. I’ve been super Busy, but I have wonderful news for you.

1. I started Physiotherapy last week, so I’m going twice a week at the moment.
2. I got a new job at a store called Precious Memories where I will be teaching card classes 🙂 I am beyond excited to be working with them. It is really challenging me as a crafter to be extra creative!

So today’s blog post is about the baby shower I did a couple of weekends ago. My best friend (of 20 years) is going to be having her first child. Her due date is Oct 28th – ish. I am very excited and honored to become an Auntie!! Hopefully they have lots and lots of babies that I can play with!

I was so thrilled that I was asked to help to plan the shower and make the desserts. We decided to theme the cake and cookies ‘Rubber Ducky’. I Love rubber ducks!


this was my first time playing with fondant, and I made the fondant myself! I also decided to make it into a polka-dot cake! because its a BOY! DSC_1639

DSC_1597Cute little bows for the top of the cupcakes


Little ducky cookies that look like they are have a bubble bath was the party favors. So cute!

DSC_1611And to add a little pizzazz I made little popcorn bags that say ‘about to pop’!!
Thanks for stopping by. Keep an eye out for more of my future creations~


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