Monkey Baby Shower

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post of a cake I did in September for a beautiful mother to be! She is one of the funniest, caring and most relaxed people I have met. Whenever I see her she is always smiling and glowing.

Monkey Baby shower

Me and the Mother to be

monkey baby shower 2

Monkeys Monkeys everywhere!


The theme of this party was monkey and I decided I wanted to put a big monkey on the top of the cake. They have also already painted the nursery with a skyline view of one of the superheros that the husband really likes. So I decided to add that to the bottom of the cake too. Then of course I had to make the monkey a superhero!! The shower was really fun and full of wonderful games! This child received so many wonderful gifts and is going to be surrounded by family, friends and love his whole life. I can’t wait to meet him next month!


Monkey Cake by Tina

Super Monkey!


monkey cake by tina 2

Eating one banana at a time


Well that’s it for this baby post! I can’t wait to show you the next cake I made!

Till then have a great weekend!



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